We provide Wi-Fi solutions for Marketing, Advertising and Networking

Everything we do is Wi-Fi. We have the know-how to offer our partners and customers incredible end-to-end wireless solutions.

Full Package Solution

Hardware, Software, Network Design, Installation, Operation and Maintenance. Let us take care of the whole solution while you focus on your business.

Fully Customized

Want to promote your products or events? Run a market research instantaneouly? Give internet access to your clients and workers? We do that and more!

Proven Technology

More than 150,000 users have tested our platform, in airports, shoppings, banks, restaurants and more. Promote your brand and products with us!.

Management, Marketing, Sales, IT, and your
clients, all benefit from our platform

In WiConnect we have worked hard to create the biggest wifi value for our customers. At the same time, we have managed to assemble a team that will execute all the activities to design, deploy and operate your network while you focus in the core of your business.

With the WiConnect Solution, management areas are provided with the simplicity of a turn-key solution. Marketing and Sales areas get the tools to perform market research, advertise products, produce sale leads and more. And, your IT guys get the tools to monitor and extract all traffic reports.

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I tested the famous Free Net from the airport, and it was fast and efficient πŸ‘Œ I used it for 45 min in the boarding room and I did not lose access at any momentπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

Alice Pimentel

Hello. I am very happy to discover your service and i like it soo much. It is my first time I have seen this. Thank you very much.

Joao Castelo


Manuel Joao

What a pleasure to be greeted by free wifi while waiting in the queue at immigration. It allowed me to check in with family and friends as well as catch up on work emails (and spend some time on social media of course!) With high roaming costs this would not have been possible. Thanks very much to Wi-Connect for making it possible. I wish more airports had this!

Philip Myburgh

Our Core Services

We focus on two business areas:

Marketing and Advertising

We have created a toolbox that allows your marketing and sales areas to interact more effectively with your clients.

Internal and Public Promotion


More than 300 hotspot implementation have given us the expertise to bring your network up and running. We provide networking consultancy services as well as hardware and solftware, for medium and large wi-fi networks.

Full network Solutions

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