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You can use our platform to reach your clients in your Business Networks, or you can use our public WiCo Networks to reach potential new clients.


Some of the networks that you have probably already visited

How we create value to your business.

How Marketing through Wi-Fi services impact your business


Branding: Promote your brand. Publicity: Promote products and services to engage your customers with special offers within your business or somewhere else in the city (WiCo networks)

Market Research

Surveys: Research your customers and get qualified information. Customer Segmentation: Get to know your customers identifying patterns in their demography and preferences.

Customer Relationship

Loyalty: Provide your customer with what they like the most. Social Media: Increase your presence in social media by redirecting your customers to your facebook, instagram or other promotional pages.

Sales Strategy

Customization: Deploy targeted campaigns and promotions based on customer location, preferences and more.

Business Networks

You have users in your venues and wish to interact with them more effectively, to promote your products or to know what do they need?

Get a Bussines Network

WiCo Networks

Potential new customers access our free Wi-Fi hotspots every day. They could interact with your brand
before they can access the Internet. Our business model creates an invaluable
opportunity for you to reach out and engage our users in a super effective way.


The biggest challenge for any restaurant today is to attract new customers and get them back. We have created an access point solution that you can use to attract more customers and keep existing ones.


Do you need to control students and teachers access to the Internet? Our solution provides powerful tools, for you to have full control over how your network is being used. We have the flexibility to adapt our solution to schools and their needs.


Give buyers the chance to be online. Use Wi-Fi as a channel to advertise your services. We offer integrated advertising mechanisms that allow you to get a fast return on investment (ROI) while making your customers happy.


Wi-Fly is a smart way to greet airport visitors and provide them with important information about your products. Stay in touch with them while they arrive or leave the city or the country.

Want to promote your brand with us? The most important venues use our platform!

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Our Marketing packages

Our main packages, all of them customized for your needs

WiCo Network

  • Advertising
  • Research Toolbox
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Great to find new clients.
Customer Acquisition.

Sponsored Public Place

  • Advertising
  • Research Toolbox
  • Branding
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Our Digital Billboards.

Business Network

  • Advertising
  • Research Toolbox
  • Branding
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Graphic Design
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Great to know your client better.
Customer Retention.